Rina Naor

Rina Naor is a Gerontologist (The science of aging) entrepreneur focused on the Gerontechnology* aspect of aging, Co-founder of ageCulture with Prof. Ron Nabarro, ageCulture is an age friendly innovation lab that builds strategies for integrating seamless aging experiences into everyday life.

UX Salon Talk

Age Friendly Design, Integrating Seamless Aging Experiences into Everyday Life

Normative aging decline is a process everyone eventually will experience. What really happens when our senses are not as they used to be? What really happens when our physical abilities are not as they once have been? These are the real issues to be considered when approaching and designing for the neediest (and sometimes wealthiest) market in the world. In this case, no doubt, a real paradigm shift is needed.

During this session, you will experience the world in the eye of older adults, as well as understand why the baby-boomer generation will not agree to settle for less than perfect products and service that will enable successful aging. Companies who understand this already discovered the enormous business opportunity.

Rina has a B.A in computer science and an M.A in Gerontology from the University of Haifa. Her thesis focused on the willingness of entrepreneurs to explore the aging market as a potential market for their endeavor, yielded evidence that lack of knowledge is the primary driver for the neglection of the aging market by entrepreneurs. Rina is a pioneer in developing a unique method to embed gerontology elements into the marketing, product strategy, design, and development process of companies that are looking to penetrate the aging market.