Didi Medina

Didi has been in product design for 9 years, 4 of which were in Management. He’s worked with dozens of companies, from early stage hacker houses in Palo Alto to multi billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. Today he’s a full time product consultant, helping tech startups in San Francisco, New York and Israel mature their product design practices.

UX Salon Workshop

The UX Freelancer – From Scoping Projects to Writing Proposals.

Do you find yourself in positions where clients are constantly asking you to do more than you originally agreed on? Do you spend time frustrated thinking you should be making more on the projects you work on? Being a UX Designer by Freelance isn’t simple, since everyone has an opinion about what good design is and isn’t. I believe we love what we do because we have an innate desire to solve problems yet more times than not it could feel as if we’re the boxing bag not the coach.

Throughout my career I’ve learned that things that start right tend to end right, so instead of asking how to repair a sour relationship with a client, I’d ask where did this go wrong and how do I prevent that from happening again. My goal for this workshop is to teach you how to spend more time enjoying your work instead of trying to always catch up with the chaos.

Things we’ll cover:
– How to spot a complicated client before signing a contract, by using a simple questionnaire to effectively deduce the clients competencies.
– How to deduce the nuances of a project, by using a simple questionnaire to more accurately get aligned on expectations.
– How draft a proposal using a comprehensive template that leverages behavioral psychology and value based fees to convert a higher chance of getting a yes, covering your a** from liability, and earning more in the process.

Participants in this workshop will receive Didi’s guides, templates, and worksheets that you’ll be able to take home and use over and over again.