Didi Medina

Didi has been in product design for 9 years, 4 of which were in Management. He’s worked with dozens of companies, from early stage hacker houses in Palo Alto to multi billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. Today he’s a full time product consultant, helping tech startups in San Francisco, New York and Israel mature their product design practices.

UX Salon Workshop

The UX Freelancer: From Contracts to Business Operations

This workshop is targeted at freelance designers to teach methods and practices that allow them to charge significantly more while remaining a team of one and working fewer hours.

You’ll learn how to proactively find and source better clients, how to build perceived value in your sales process, how to better scope a project, and how to price by the project using a value-based model.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be hiring clients not the other way around.


As a core philosophy, I believe that the work we do is a means to achieve our freedom. At any point in time we’re either trying to have more free time to pursue our passions or make make a better living to enable the pursuit of new opportunities. Both making a better living and having more free time tend to be two sides to the same coin. As freelancers however, time and time again we find ourselves in positions where we are stressed over servicing clients and not making enough money to ever find the freedom we hoped to achieve in the first place.

Throughout this workshop I will share my approach and methods to making a better living while working less hours so that you could claim your freedom back. My methodologies have changed the way dozens of freelancers approach their work to help achieve their personal goals.

Things we’ll cover:

– How to source better clients by creating a hit list and using practical steps to work your network to get to the right person and develop new relationships and business.
– How to spot the client from hell before signing a contract, by using a simple questionnaire to effective deduce the clients competencies.
– How to use value based fees to quote projects by better understanding how your design work has an impact on the client’s business which in return will enable you to charge more than your hourly.
– How you’ll be able to achieve all of this while not being the most popular designer, never sharing your portfolio or needing to learn new design skills.

*Don’t worry if you don’t remember all the info taught in this workshop. I’ve created guides, templates, and worksheets that you’ll be able to take home and use over and over again to get the results you desire!*

This workshop is for:

– UX Designers just getting started as a freelancer.
– UX Designers who have been freelancing but not satisfied with their results.
– UX Designers who have been freelancing, are satisfied with their position and curious on how to potentially improve it.