Conor O'Sullivan

Conor O’Sullivan is an industry leader in the field of sound and sensory design for consumer products. He designs for the human first, shaping sound and haptics to drive business results, push technological boundaries, enhance the brand, and most importantly provide empathy and delight to the listener.

Conor will join in our Salon Panel Discussion with Matthew Bennett, Head of the Sound + Sensory Design, Microsoft

Wix Fresh After Party 2019 Keynote

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After Party Keynote

Sound Design for Machine Intelligence

This talk is a part of our evening Wix Fresh After Party (Hosted by Wix UX)

There are many components that go into the crafting of product sound design. A sound designer must consider the delicate balance between brand, experience, physicality, technology, personality, privacy and usability as she begins to compose and orchestrate a new project.

In this talk I’ll address the new arc of designing sound for experiences built with machine intelligence; in addition to the standard process of designing sound with UX principles, usability, aesthetic direction, traditional tech constraints, acoustics, psychoacoustics and brand sensibilities all in mind – demonstrating how the changing landscape of technology allows for new opportunities in sound design at a pace previously only imaginable. Sound design today is a crucial aspect of shaping the experience of designing for machine intelligence, by examining the relationship of the technology with the human and enhancing the value and scope of the intelligent empathetic system.

Some of Conor’s best known work includes the Google ‘G sound’, Xbox brand & UX sounds, and Motorola’s HELLOMOTO ringtone. Conor holds multiple patents and publications, including his seminal work on audio-haptic feedback for mobile, co-authored with Angela Chang for CHI 2005, highly cited in the sensory design space.