Benjamin Hersh

Ben Hersh designs to make the world a more thoughtful and creative place. He is currently with Dropbox and previously led design for a team at Medium. Ben came to design by way of visual art and cognitive science research at Stanford.

UX Salon Talk

How to Write Products: When Copy Becomes Design

We often think of design as a visual discipline, but what makes a product connect with its audience is often how you write it. We don’t ordinarily talk about ‘writing’ products, but this is absolutely what we do — from buttons, to pushes, to verbal interfaces. For those of us who design and develop products for a living, writing is fast becoming a survival skill.

Designing with language requires a different mindset, and forces us to break familiar habits. This talk looks to cognitive science, the art of copywriting, and Ben’s experiences at Medium and Dropbox, where his team cultivates relationships with users like you. It’s about the bigger picture that we often miss, when copy becomes the heart of product design.