Alex Shilman

Alex Is a Social Psychologist and Product expert. Specialist in Behavioral Economics – the grey area between psychology and economics which covers most of our decisions. In addition, Alex is a Keynote Speaker, Certified Group Facilitator and a Coucher. He gave his first public talk at the age of 14(!), and since then he devotes 10% of his time to public speaking and group dynamics.
Writes regular columns about the enigmatic intersection of Psychology Technology and Design, on The-Marker, Geektime.co.il and more

UX Salon Talk

The Behavioral Economics of Engagement

When was the last time you actually visited a bank? Or a travel agency? Or tried to catch a taxi on a rainy street? As more and more aspects of our routine migrate to a digital environment, the user interface becomes not just a control and feedback tool but a way of experiencing life.

Our brain and senses, trained to narrate a 3-dimensional world and consistently search for reward and avoid risky surprises, suddenly have to deal with the world of micro-copy, material design, bot-like dialogs, and hell knows what else.

During this session, you will found yourself traped time and time again in situations caused by the unavoidable clash of the digital interface and the mental shortcuts that shape our decision making. Equipped with behavioral knowledge and plenty of industry lead examples, Alex will draw a clear concept of building human-centered products that move the needle.


Nudge Theory 101 – Using Behavioral Science for UX

Nudge is a concept in behavioral science, political theory and behavioral economics which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behavior and decision making of groups or individuals.

By implementing the right ‘nudges’, based on your customers’ needs, desires and fears, you can make influential suggestions that can lead to better UX and better results. This workshop will reveal how to use Behavioral Science to create nudges – interventions that influence human behavior.

You will Learn About:

  • What is “Nudge”, why it worth a Nobel Prize
  • The Vocabulary and Mental-models of the emerging science of Behavioral Economics
  • Rationality vs Irrationality and why it matters for design
  • A wide range of digital case studies of successful “nudges”
  • A complete list of mental “rules of thumb”
  • Heuristics that drive 95% of user’s behavior

You will Take Away:

  • Familiarity with the main “biases” which drive user engagement
  • A ready-to-use framework of choice-architecture for designers
  • Hands-on experience of designing “nudge”

As our environment becomes more and more digital, the role of the Designer rapidly transforms from the gatekeeper of esthetics to a Behavior Architect with tremendous impact. Every design-wise decision has an immediate and powerful impact on users behavior. Its often designer’s decisions which determine if the product will succeed or fail.

Since the groundbreaking work of Nobel Laureates Daniel Kahneman & Richard Thaler in the early 70s, Social Psychologists and Behavioral Economists explored and described the surprising power of tiny changes in one’s environment and their effect on behavior and decision making. It was Public Policy Scholars and Marketing professionals who adopted quickly the science of nudge, Now its the time for Designers and UX Masters to line up.