More speakers coming soon.

Allie Vogel

Practical Machine Learning for the Human Experience

Matthew Bennett

Beyond Vision, A New Paradigm: Sound as Sensory Design
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Talia Wolf

Will be announced soon

Marie van Driessche

Inclusive Design - More Than you Hear

Alastair Somerville

Designing for Human Perception

Yonatan Levy

Workshop: Beyond Brainstorming - How to Generate Impactful Solutions

Didi Medina

Workshop: The UX Freelancer: From Contracts to Business Operations

Ricardo Vazquez

The Future Is Kid Stuff - Play, Curiosity and Wonder in Design

Alex Shilman

The Behavioral Economics of Engagement

Liraz Margalit

New Research: The Role of Emotions in Shaping Digital Experiences

Vitaly Friedman

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