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ServiceNow is leading the charge in the digital transformation of the modern workplace for some of the largest enterprises in the world, with user centered design at the heart of all products. Design at ServiceNow is a global team and we’re growing fast! Come work for Forbes #1 Most Innovative Company. Stop by our table at the conference to learn more!


Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for creative and digital services, including graphic design, copywriting, voice overs, and music and film editing. Fiverr’s mission is to empower the doer in us all by giving entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and even enterprises the resources they need to get things done.


Sticktak are innovative, first of their kind, Removable FABRIC Sticker Tattoos. All Sticktaks are Made of 100% Fabric, designated carefully to integrate perfectly with ALL fabric surfaces. Whether you wear them on your t-shirt, your denim Jacket, your sneakers or your stylish backpack, Sticktaks are economically friendly, enabling you to change your look with just one Sticktak!

The Human Factor

At the heart of any innovation stand people. At The Human Factor, we leverage Nobel winning findings from Behavioral economics, Decision making and Social science to the benefit of making human-centered innovative culture and products. Your ringing bell may be profitability, diversity, growth, user experience, management decision making, at the end of the day it’s your team, managers, customers & investors who make the difference. Design by humans for humans.


UXPressia is an online platform for visualizing user experience. Create insightful customer journey maps, impact maps and personas. With UXPressia you can collaborate with teammates in real time and export maps and personas to make effective presentations of your insights.

Ladies that UX Amsterdam

Ladies that UX creates a space for women in UX and tech scene from all levels to engage and talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, and get the support and inspiration that they are looking for.