March 10, 2019
Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin

8:15 AM - Registration and Light Breakfast

Beyond Vision, A New Paradigm: Sound as Sensory Design

Matthew Bennett, Head of the Sound + Sensory Design, Microsoft

This session explores new ways of thinking about sound as an integrated design element that plays a key role in orchestrating a multisensory product experience. Developed in the Design R&D group at Microsoft, this model grounds traditional elements of sound design within a sensory design framework…

Inclusive Design – More Than you Hear

Marie van Driessche, Interaction Designer at ABN AMRO Bank

Exclusion happens when we solve problems using our own biases. But how do we seek out those exclusions, and use them as opportunities to create new ideas and inclusive designs?

10:25 AM - Let's have coffee (30 Minutes)

Post Normal Design – Design for Global Audience

Alastair Somerville, Sensory Design Consultant

Are you designing only for the W.E.I.R.D. (White European Industrialised Rich Democratic)? In this talk will examine how to design for global audiences and growing new markets in new countries…

The Role of Emotions in Shaping Digital Experiences

Liraz Margalit, Web Psychologist, Head of Behavioral Research at Clicktale

With an industry-wide focus on delivering more human experiences and becoming more customer-centric, how can we derive truly meaningful human insight from digital channels that will have a tangible, positive impact on the bottom line?

12:25 PM - Are you hungry? (60 Minutes Lunch Break)

The Behavioral Economics of Engagement

Alex Shilman, VP Product at Mmcubit & Behavioral Officer at “The Human Factor”

Equipped with behavioral knowledge and plenty of industry lead examples, Alex will draw a clear concept of building human-centered products that engages our users…

Practical Machine Learning for the Human Experience

Allie Vogel, UX Designer, Booking.com

UX Designers, must bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence to real human behavior and emotion. Allie will share examples and best practices for using Machine Learning.

15:15 PM - Networking and Coffee Break (30 Minutes)

The Future Is Kid Stuff – Play, Curiosity and Wonder in Design

Ricardo Vazquez, Senior Product Designer, Shopify

In the digital age, have we closed our eyes and mind to the power of curiosity, wonder, and memory? This inspirational talk is a call to action for designers to take back our child-like sense of wonder.

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17:00 PM - Ends. (Are you coming to the after party?)

Evening After Party

18:45 PM – WIX Headquarters

Join us for the UX Salon 2019 after party. 4 Inspiring UX talks, mingling and beer at the WIX Headquarters.

March 11 - Workshops

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March 12 - Jerusalem Tour Guide

Coming from abroad? Join us for a tour of Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world.