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UX Salon is a group dedicated to the professional practice and learning of user experience design. This coming May, join us in Tel-Aviv, for two days of networking and great talks by design professionals and industry leaders.

UX Salon 2019 Main Theme

Designing for Perception, the Senses and our Modes of Understanding

Learn on how designing for the ‘Senses’ could help you become better in designing UX. Sensory Design is an approach to shape experiences that embraces all of our senses and modes of understanding. Beyond vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch we will look at how emotions, empathy and trust could help us become better at what we do.

Since 2014 our mission is to bring you the most updated information in the UX world, practical tools and inspiration for your day-to-day work.

UX Salon is an event for anyone who wants learn more about user experience design. This includes User Experience Practitioners, Product Managers, Interactive and Visual Designers, students, startups, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, and other professionals dedicated to creating usable products and services.

Unlike many conferences, rather than calling for papers and speakers, we have an editorial approach — we put together programs based on current trends in the industry, and seek out speakers who are working in those areas to give inspiring, entertaining, but most importantly practical presentations.

Take a look at our event agenda for more information on the speakers lineup. We hope to see you in UX Salon 2019.

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Engaging and Interesting Salon Discussions

What is a Salon?

In many languages the word SALON refers to a place of gathering, a living room, a place where you entertain, spark a discussion and increase the knowledge of participants through conversation. The “living room” couch is a main feature on our stage where we host the speakers for a casual salon (panel) conversation.

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